Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Zombies Take over Long Beach

 Jason Liwag and Garry Booth of Phone Booth Gallery are co-curators of this year's Zombie Art Show. This show was by invite only and I am happy and honored to be chosen to show this year. i am a huge fan of horror flicks and zombies happen to have a special place in my heart. (Not really. Like I wouldn't welcome one in open arms. I am the first to blast a shotgun to it's face.) But I digress...

This idea came from a friend of mine in the East Coast. She jokingly said I should do one of a zombie biting a boob. Ha! Okay, well I did and added a bit of a twist to it.

Mixed Media on Wood

Come out and not only see my piece in person but to check out the dozens of wonderful artists on display at the Zombie Show. And if it weren't enough, the opening reception is happening the SAME night as the Downtown Long Beach Zombie Crawl and Music Festival!

 Come dressed as a zombie or bring a camera as hundreds take to the streets of Downtown Long Beach. Listen to live music. Check out the film fest. October 29, 2011. But also remember that the artshow will be free!

"Love Never Dies (yea, right!)"
Mixed Media on Wood

This was last year's zombie piece from the "Zombies Invade LA" Art show held in Downtown LA's Yojie's Shabu Shabu and Sake Restaurant. You can buy a vinyl postcard size magnet at my Etsy store.

and just as an added bonus, brain cupcakes =)... Didn't make them but I thought they were so cute!

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