Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bacon Poetry by Matt Barnard

Maybe it was boredom. Maybe it is pure devotion. Maybe is olfactories picked up a soft wafting scent of the meat candy that triggered a spark of creativity.


Whatever it is, my co-worker, aka creator of webisodes "Spin The Bottle" sent me bacon poetry.

Here they are:

Poem #1

Roses are red

Bacon is too

Flowers are pretty

But Bacon, you can chew.

Poem #2
Ode to Bacon –

Ode to Bacon by Matt –

Roses are red

Carnations are sweet

I’d find some way to eat bacon

Even if I had no hands and no feet.

I love bacon

And bacon loves me

If I could, I’d eat I daily

For breakfast and lunch and dinner too

I’d eat it and maybe I’d share some with you

Because all should try bacon

And love it like me

On the meat hierarchy –

It is top pedigree

A day without bacon is always a waste

Oh how I crave that sweet salty taste

So, sizzle up a slice whenever you can

Because eating bacon should always be a part of your plan

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Matthew Barnard said...

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