Thursday, January 28, 2010

aaaah, the life of an artist. this past saturday, phloe invited me to this art gig - a party in a dope house up in the hollywood hills where we sketched nude models and the party-goers get to watch. it is not an Eyes-Wide-Shut situation; it actually felt like a life drawing class. i think i was more scared of the party-goers. it was certainly not my scene but everybody seemed cool and was friendly.

the whole twist of the night was when made it all the way to little tokyo for yogurtland, and when she opened her purse, her wallet was missing. this lead us to high-tail our asses way back to hollywood, up the scary seemingly haunted hill, back to the house, only to find out that her friend has it and she is down the hill, about to enter the freeway.

what impeccable timing.

but anyways, back to the party. not much to say but this- sometimes one has to leave their comfort zone, push the boundaries, and widen the chance of growth.

trying to understand life... and find humor in it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Alfie, I think you missed your calling as an aspiring filmmaker. Your ability to sense and capture the humor in things really shows. Be careful leaving your comfort zone though that you don’t enter the twilight zone by accident. BTW, you know God is looking out for you guys when you make it back to the party just in time to grab the wallet!! Remember there are no coincidences. God won’t buy you winning lotto ticket but he will give you the opportunity to purchase one on your own. You just got to know the when, where and how. Recognizing that is the hard part and it usually goes unrecognized.

ShandyLand said...

I would love to take some art classes soon, especially figure drawing. I enjoyed that in school. I love reading about your art adventures.

Anonymous said...

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