Friday, September 26, 2014

Below the fold

We have been reduced 
to the size of 
half inch paper cranes

Each second resides 
on a petal of a cherry blossom

Each giggle resonates
in the lines of golden swirls

All cursive letters
from the dancing of fingertips
now lives in the folds of the body
Holding each crease in place
which replace
our own fold of the fold

We have been reduced
to the size of half inch paper cranes
which he has placed in the shoebox...

Tucked in the corner of a closet
where they fly freely in the dark.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

July 626 Night Market

I must be busy! I didn't realize I had this draft open from July's 626 Night Market in Santa Anita! The date is now September 16th and I have already represented in August and September's 626 Night Markets! Ha! Time goes way too fast.

These are snippets of July, where I vended by myself. Stephanie Takemoto was cool enough to lend me her equipment. It was a nice challenge for me as I have never vended before. I immediately became friends with the other artists and djs. Brian was an awesome curator! The whole event and staff was nothing but good vibes. I spent most of my time watching the bboy cipher as the dance floor was directly in front of me and the DJ is to my right.
I can't wait for next summer's 626 Night Market series!

Vision aligned

It's my birthday week! I have found out that although I love birthdays, I freak out when it comes to planning my own event. HA! It is so much pressure trying to figure out what to do that would be so much fun and memorable and who to invite. Last year, I decided to live as if the whole year was my birthday and did so many"firsts."
My first solo art show. My first acting gig. My first (and second) radio show spots. First time asking a guy out (I lie. I just don't do that often so it felt like the first.). First time curating an art show in a nationally-recognized historical monument. First time outdoor shooting. First time taking trips by myself. First time trying out surfing.

I think I am going to continue on that momentum but with higher intent and sharper focus. Time is an illusion anyways. We tend to put markers on things and measure things for our satisfaction. Welp, here's to rounding out another trip around the sun. I'm ready, Universe.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Ode to AlfieNumeric by Stephanie Takemoto

Sometimes I paint my friends and sometimes my friends paint me.

"Ode to AlfieNumeric" by Stephanie Takemoto
**For purchasing inquiries contact
It's no secret that most of my work is autobiographical and the women who I paint often resemble myself. I was taught to "paint what I know" and often time, my subject matter would be of a curvaceous woman with melanin.

This year, I decided to challenge myself a bit and find the inspiration in the women who surround me. In "All the Right Weaponry" and "Femme Fatale" series, I looked outside of myself and chose women who have influenced my journey in the past few years. It was liberating to push myself to paint women who have different facial features, skin features and body types as I do.

But it is a blessing to have a talented friend and artist use you as a muse. I am so very honored when Stephanie Takemoto chose me as one of her subject matters in a show called "Muses" which will be in Swoon Gallery's  upcoming show. It's amazing to see what people see in you. She captured my all my loves- writing, drawing, poetry, painting, gold chains, tropical lands which I consider "home" (plumeria and Hawaii), my red tips and bleeding heart doves!

Truly amazed by her talent and her upward trajectory in the art scene. So thankful for her friendship and her inspiration that pushes me as well.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

What I don't know - a free write

Some people just know

Some people have this way
Of knowing life’s secrets
How paths bend and twist
Knowing which steps to take
Creating this dance completely intoned
To a symphony composed of tempos
Dictated by heart and by breath

They know by a glance
The first nanosegment of a nanosecond
The tingle in the spine
The way the baby hairs on their necks
Stand in ovation
The way their skin tickles to the sounds
Of their dilating
Widening the apex of the cornea
In synchronization to their mind

They know by the brush of shoulders
The electrifying synapses between skins
Melanin languages sending Morse codes
In forms of goose bumps

Or maybe they hear God speaking
Or Buddha
Or Allah
Or their Grandmama singing a tune
Passed down from her Grandmama
And her Grandmama before that
Lyrics from cursive letters from
DNA strings where only they know
The words to

That humming melody of comfort

Some people just know

I am no longer that person

I no longer know
Spending days in mediation
Clearing my mind of cobwebs for
Better reception

Praying for a solution
And then scratching it all
And concentrate in deep gratitude
Knowing that God can answer
The questions in my heart
Regardless of formulating with lips

I chant in ancient tongues
That are not mine
Hoping that the vibrations
Will align chakras for better
Static-free visions

I have been wrong about him
And him
And him
And them
And with friendships
Where I have been
Not in line with the visions
I had when I begin

My insecurities mistaken for intuition
And vice versa

Hopefully I can unravel this mess
After fifteen minutes of drinking
Jasmine green tea and bergamot

Who knows?
Because I don’t…

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

RECAP of All the Right Weaponry and She Versus I



On February 21st, 2014 - I had my first solo show ever. Well, kind of a solo show. More like mini solo show because I showcased my work with Stephanie Takemoto at Art Form Studio in the Art District of Downtown LA. I can't believe that in almost 10 years of showcasing my work as well as curating and producing shows, I never showed my work at this capacity before. I convinced myself that I was not ready and before you know it, time up and left.

2014 is the year of Yes and at times when the process of putting together 15+ pieces for the show, I have felt joy as well as the familiar state of uncertainty. But this time, fear did not win and Stephanie and I had a successful show.

The following pics are selected personal pictures of spirit family. I will in the near future post the pieces and discuss about each piece.

This night was a super duper important to me. It allowed me to break down walls and silence doubt. Nothing but upward movement from here on out

Stephanie, San and me

My friend DJ Volare was one of the DJs of the night. She was with me at my Truthseekers Radio spot.

Comic JennyYang

Spirt Family, Jenn, Julienne and Chris. Jenn came down from SF just for the show!


Cupcakes made by Little Sweeties!!!
All these are influenced by my work!


Peter Woods and his lovely family

Will and his lovely family

My piece went to a new home!

Brandi and her goodies~!

Doreen of Little Sweeties!
I painted a piece inspired by her being!

Artist Stefania and her friend

The Get Down Collective: Multi Media greats

My piece went to a great home! Arturo bought this for his daughter, Mae!

Extremely grateful for a packed house and record sales! 

One of my favorite kid in the whole world and his dad

Such a fan of his work, my artist friend SKET ONE

Miss this chica! Ver Mar, remarkable artist and scultress!

Love these guys!! Daniel and Ariana! I made a promo that anybody rocking a Beatrock shirt would get free swag from me!

The night is about collaboration. Mixpe modeling Nena Soulfly's African wax print dress, styling by Sherry Younge from Art Form Studio.

My homegirl Amreen, times 3! My piece Doreen from Little Sweeties

Guns and roses

And this awesome event happen! I was so happy to see Ryan at my show. That guy is so extremely busy. And he got his equipment and did an interview of Stephanie and me at the end of the night!

Vibe !!!

Such a beautiful night!
Portraits of me made out of sugar!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Beyond Another Dimension Group Art Show

On June 21st, 2014, my artist friend Susie Q produced and curated a Twilight Zone themed art show at the RIT Gallery in the city of La Puente. She hand-selected artists of different backgrounds and styles, from local to international, from emerging to established.

I was not able to do this show because of time but I hooked my boss up, Doug Hart, who is a former  cel animator from the 80s. He was more than thrilled to be part of the show.

When you enter the gallery,  you are greeted by an installation that was put up by Susie Q. She is not just a producer of events but an artist as well. Whenever she has an idea, she want to transport you into that environment but at the same time, not take away from the artists' work.
The hostess with the mostest.

Susie and I
Stephanie Takemoto and I

Ohio and Pack Leader

Here is one of Doug's pieces. This type of art is pretty close to dead so it makes this piece special by the materials alone. He also has a talent and a steady hand and a witty humor which makes each piece be able to stand alone as a single panel.

Doug Hart

Detail Shot

Randy Kono

Pablo Damas


Congrats on an awesome show!

Closing reception is July 3rd where the downtown La Puente celebrates the 4th of July complete with fireworks.