Friday, October 14, 2011

Nena SoulFly
Corazon de Leon

I just placed my order for Nena SoulFly earrings! Nena Soulfly is an amazing woman/designer/mother/dance instructor who I have had the priviledge of meeting through artshows that we were both in. I started seeing her designs in IMIX Bookstore and in various trunk and fashion shows around SoCal ; she mixes up the old with the new, the downhome with the city, the culture with the community.

Some of the pieces I wished I copped were clutches made from batik and african prints with a doorknocker clasp.. Or hip slim pouches with the same material and a gold chain.

S. of IMIX Bookstore

Many of her pieces are one-of-a-kind and with meaning behind the designs. Check out her blurb on the earrings I bought.

"Heart Shape Bamboo Doorknockers hand wrapped in West African Ankara Wax cloth;
Adorned with a Fierce Gold Running Lion.

Inspired by all the women who fought in struggle for justice and peace.. Created for the women who continue that struggle!!"

Check out these Nena Soulfly pieces that were adorned by French singing group, Les Nubians:

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow

If there's still a day after today

I want it for myself in peace

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow

What are you stealing?

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Peace is mine - Les Nubians


She Chef said...

Ohhhh Dang - the Saucy is gonna have to cop a set of those earrings! I miss you Alfie!

batalaland said...

hey! love ur blog name. n that's some lovely art!


alfie said...

at She Chef: oooh, girl i hope you grabbed the other one! there was a multi-colored one that i loved.

i miss you too! =( need to reconnect

alfie said...

at batalaland- thank you very very much! =)

She Chef said...

i'm cooking on youtube these days...hit me up - My number is the same - I know you are busy - but anytime is good!

alfie said...

awwww, sweet!! what is your youtube channel?? i want to subscribe. and can you hit me up with a text (i have the same number.) i have a smart phone cuz my last one took a crapper and all my contact numbers are in there =/