Tuesday, March 30, 2010

so i had an idea of having a reenactment of "Boyz in the Hood", but live action... kinda like "Bugsy Malone"... and apparently i was artistically irresponsible. here is the convo malcolm's mama and i had... hahah.. bad, auntie alfie.

me: would you let malcolm reenact a scene from "Boyz in the Hood" for a short video?

Vanessa: hell no

me: WHY NOT????

Vanessa: i saw that vid of scarface last night in class... dropping into a pool of blood... not cool!


Vanessa: lol i don't want my son thinking that is appropriate behavior.. i'm trying to build a proper middle class kid


fuck the bullshit

i'mma stay in the middle

its safer and happier there.

Vanessa: for everyone else.. my son is too smart and will consider that a permission

no way

no guns

me: esp if he does an ice cube video!

Vanessa: no gangs. no violence. i'm happy with a boy who may be square or nerdy. i'm aiming for a hot, sweet, square for my son. i'm talking science nerd. any reenactments of science nerds are great and permitted

me: "Apparently, Auntie Alfie makes a Bad Mommy."
Vanessa: he'll shake the world via his doctorate degree, not by brandishing a weapon.

i never said that!

boyz in the hood is real for some folks.

but it wouldn't be authentic for me or for him.

cultural authenticity.

me: " Auntie Alfie got shot down by Mommy Vanessa"

Vanessa: lol
"Cool auntie alfie got shot down by square nerdy mommy vanessa"


Anonymous said...

Alfie you know better than that!! Lol! And you want to get married and have kids? God thinks you are silly and your Soulmate is shaking his head! <3

alfie bo balfie said...

what you mean??? GOD gave me the idea!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my Bad then. Sounds like a great idea! <3

alfie bo balfie said...

both me and God got shot down by mama vanessa tho. oh well