Sunday, September 26, 2010

Things that my dog Guinness has taught me:

1. The mornings are not so bad:  For the past three weeks, I have been waking up early, throwing on tennis shoes, an empty bag (now I know the purpose of why I kept these thousands of non-ecofriendly bags for the past several years) and grabbing the puppy so he can relieve himself.

I am surprised as how beautiful that silent buzz between sunrise and the time when people start their engines. The air smells sweeter. The silence is friendly. The silence allows me to hear what is in my head and get a clearer picture of is happening outside of me and how my inside is affecting me.

All while watching Guinness poop on trees (yes, he props his toosh on a tree and carefully balances himself on his front legs. It's hilarious.)

1 b: As gentrified as my neighborhood is, I am surprised that not a lot of people curb their dogs.   Nasty-asses!

2. How a dog behaves is a reflection on who their master is. Owning a dog as a child is different than when I owned a dog as an adult. I had parents that took care of them when they were sick. I was home when I was a kid and all I really had to do was play with them until they tuckered out. My parents told me when to give them a bath. They fed him. They took them when they were sick.

But now as an adult, you don't have the luxury of pawning them off to someone else. I have to teach him to behave (As a wonderful dog. Not as a civilized human. I gotta respect his canine heritage.) I have keep him healthy. I have to keep him slim ( I heard a quote "If your dog is fat, then you are not getting enough exercise.") Oh so true, so true.

3. Loving something outside of myself is the best way of loving myself.  I was told that I am the perfect free bird. I am very good at playing free bird.. but every bird also needs a nest. I need structure, no matter how free-birdy i can be.  I need an anchor.

Guinness gives me that practice of commitment. Of seeing things thru no matter how much I feel. I can be tired but I still have to get up and walk him, play with him, train him, see if he's okay.

4. Guinness teaches me to slow down. As much as I say I am busy, I am busy flailing my arms around, doing things two and three times, procrastinating and calling it "working." With Guinness, time is even more precious. I am a bit more productive (or trying to be) because time to myself is a bit more rare, but more respected.

Guinness teaches me to  slow down, take my time, and just sit and breathe.


The lessons continue to come. I don't feel as nervous that he is here. I can only see this as an opportunity to continue to grow and evolve.

Thanks, God. for bringing him in my life.

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing and being who you are. Truly one a kind in my book. Keep evolving, keep being you!

Peace <3