Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oinkster in Eagle Rock, CA.

I am so freakin' glad that Oinkster is relatively far from me. I grew up loving pastrami sandwiches because of my father. It seems more often than not, my father would come home from work at about 3:30 and bring me home something; a box of paper to draw, new crayons, a clip for my hair.

or a pastrami sandwich.

and we don't fuck around with eating pastrami sandwiches. we straight up want pastrami, mustard, sometimes grilled onions in a toasted french roll.

don't give me that shit in them square pieces of white bread untoasted. boo.

i like em just like how Oinkster has them... except they put Guyere cheese which i have learned to accepted as being beyond okay; it's yummy. and i'm also ecstatic to know that the place is owned by chef andre guerrero who is pinoy and also own's Marche in LA. very inspiring to know about that!

and those fries... crispy. not too greasy. with the chipotle ketchup and garlic aoili dip. yummmmm...

I had a chance to share that with my godson and my niece. it seems like time is going so damn fast and their growth is indicative of that.

if you are a hustler, be productive. do more with less. maximum result with minimum effort.

but always also try to pin down time for the moments that matter.


Vanessa said...

awwww... we love you auntie alfie...

alfie bo balfie said...

me loves you too!!!

Anonymous said...

The most precious things that a person owns are their heart and their time.

Our heart is the center of our spiritual and physical existence. All important activities are manifestations of the heart such as faith, sincerity, love, trust, patience, giving, etc.

Our time is the part of life that can be invested in good or bad ways.

Using the heart as an internal compass, a person can be directed to properly use their time each day and night.

If a person’s heart is good, then the whole body is good but if their heart is corrupted, then the whole body gets corrupted. Likewise, if a person’s time is spent in a good way, then their life will be good but if their time is spent poorly then their life experience will be poor.

So while time eventually heals all wounds, following the heart is the surest way to know you are on the right path and that all is good.

Ms. Bo Balfie, the goodness that is in your heart, is shining through, and is appreciated by those that love you, those that you love, and the universe as a whole.