Alfie Ebojo (aka alfie numeric) became a modern day urban warrior-- a hunter and gatherer. She now works as an artist aka your typical Jill-of-all-Trades: graphic designer/illustrator/visual artist, writer, producer, performer (theater and live painting), teacher/lecturer, and organizer/activist while holding down a day job that allows her to daydream.

Alfie's style is best described as underground urban. Much of her influences come from the Los Angeles culture buzzing around her- the music in her Ipod, the Pilipino Family dynamics, graphic design, city life, the diverse multi-cultural population, 60's-70's cartoons, mythology, and Frida Kahlo. Alfie's current series focuses on keeping the belief of love alive, in all its forms, levels and complexities.
For questions and inquiries, you may email her at iam@alfienumeric.com

"Alfie Numeric's art successfully captures the essence within women of color surviving in an urban world of emotions, thoughts, and struggles of identity. Her canvas is a mirror which reflects her soul and the soul of millions of kindred spirits world wide. While the presence of her artwork, and her as an artist, is integral to the survival of the Los Angeles Indy scene, she is transcendent and can not be pigeon holed by it. Her artwork is a universal language understood world wide."

-- Joseph A. Padilla
Editor-in-Chief, Look Inside Magazine
"Make no mistake, Ebojo’s work is not cartoons for kids. Instead, Ebojo’s palette personifies the complexity of a modern woman’s experiences through her relationships to the city and surrounding natural landscape."
Alison de la Cruz
Playwright, Producer and Cultural Activist
“Alfie Numeric creates tender dreamscapes of raw emotion and unrestricted intellect. Capturing the most vital elements human existence in the space of a canvas, Alfie represents for authentic artists with expressions that bring us closer to the realm where our hearts and our minds are one. She is a beautifully genuine creator.”
Will Case of Wide-Eyed Magazine