Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stories from CubbyLand as told by J. Barbee

"There's this girl. Her name is Ouida... which is "oui" as in "yes" in French and "da" which is "yes" in German. So her name is Yes-Yes.

And she is foxy... with a high-pitch sweet voice (bats her eyes to exemplify how foxy Ouida is.)

and she alwasy smells like peaches.

and that is wrong... because somebody like her should not be smelling like anything edible."

The end.


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Anonymous said...

Keep your head up

Alfie, my dear
You’re a beautiful heart
And the places you go
Never are dark

For you are a light that shines
Deep into the night
Leading lost souls
Away from their fright

A free and caring spirit
Everyone can see
Even when you doubt yourself
Nobody believes

They know better than that
As your heart and hand shows
People flock to watch and listen
To see what’s next to unfold

A sense of humor that’s wicked
A life yet to be tamed
In a world full of fakes and phonies
You’re a world class dame

So when the times get you down
Hold your head up high
For God and the Universe are listening
To your hopes, cries and sighs

Anonymous said...

To forgive another person does not mean you will forget what happened or that the person is not responsible for what he did or that you need to bring him back into your life. To forgive another doesn't even need to mean the other person knows you've forgiven him or her. To forgive another simply means you no longer allow another person's actions or words to cause you resentment, anger and pain. To forgive means you acknowledge that while you would have preferred the other person act or speak differently, you accept that person just as he is.

To not forgive another means you continue to hold onto your resentment, anger and pain over another's actions by essentially demanding the other person be someone other than who that person knew (or knows) how to be.

Alfie is evolving!!!