Friday, June 14, 2019

Gemini Moon 2019

"Gemini Moon"
Mixed Media on Canvas
"Gemini Moon" is one of my newest paintings in 2019. Originally, it was supposed to be a woman, holding a reflection of herself, touching upon the idea of self love and self healing. But the more I progress, I realize that healing self also requires a person to have a healing circle, a group of trusted individuals who are there for you, uplifting you and rooting for your growth and healing.

The connection is signified in the shared braid between the two women. They are also holding both hands, one near their heart and another near their womb. The expanding galaxy is what synchronicity and growth to your cosmic, higher self feels like. The moon, though not seen very well in this picture, has a lavender iridescent glow.

This is one of those pieces where I was completely mesmerized by each time I worked on it. No digital photo could do justice on how the colors vibrated on the canvas. Though I am missing this piece in my home, I am so happy that this piece is in the home of an art collector who works in the field of uplifting women, promoting self love and body positivity.

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