Thursday, September 29, 2016

Upcycling Beer Coasters: Coaster Art

Long Beach, California: Public Beer and Wine Shop: August 2016 Group Art Show

I produced and curated a show at a Downtown Long Beach bar called, "The Beer Coaster Show." The concept is simple- collect promotional beer coasters that are normally tossed after one use and make them into mini art pieces.

So many turned out for the show and quite a few pieces have sold. You can check out some of the art work in Jasmine and Onyx.

Here are some of my pieces. I was focusing on the subject of healing. Women need to be open and vulnerable in order to for them to heal emotionally. These subjects have crowns of succulents, plants that miraculously tend to come back to life if given proper but little care. They also feature a healing crystals when exposing what is in their chest cavity. This is a head nod to all those who find comfort in storing healing crystals in the cups of their bras.

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