Thursday, July 03, 2014

What I don't know - a free write

Some people just know

Some people have this way
Of knowing life’s secrets
How paths bend and twist
Knowing which steps to take
Creating this dance completely intoned
To a symphony composed of tempos
Dictated by heart and by breath

They know by a glance
The first nanosegment of a nanosecond
The tingle in the spine
The way the baby hairs on their necks
Stand in ovation
The way their skin tickles to the sounds
Of their dilating
Widening the apex of the cornea
In synchronization to their mind

They know by the brush of shoulders
The electrifying synapses between skins
Melanin languages sending Morse codes
In forms of goose bumps

Or maybe they hear God speaking
Or Buddha
Or Allah
Or their Grandmama singing a tune
Passed down from her Grandmama
And her Grandmama before that
Lyrics from cursive letters from
DNA strings where only they know
The words to

That humming melody of comfort

Some people just know

I am no longer that person

I no longer know
Spending days in mediation
Clearing my mind of cobwebs for
Better reception

Praying for a solution
And then scratching it all
And concentrate in deep gratitude
Knowing that God can answer
The questions in my heart
Regardless of formulating with lips

I chant in ancient tongues
That are not mine
Hoping that the vibrations
Will align chakras for better
Static-free visions

I have been wrong about him
And him
And him
And them
And with friendships
Where I have been
Not in line with the visions
I had when I begin

My insecurities mistaken for intuition
And vice versa

Hopefully I can unravel this mess
After fifteen minutes of drinking
Jasmine green tea and bergamot

Who knows?
Because I don’t…

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