Wednesday, July 02, 2014

RECAP of All the Right Weaponry and She Versus I



On February 21st, 2014 - I had my first solo show ever. Well, kind of a solo show. More like mini solo show because I showcased my work with Stephanie Takemoto at Art Form Studio in the Art District of Downtown LA. I can't believe that in almost 10 years of showcasing my work as well as curating and producing shows, I never showed my work at this capacity before. I convinced myself that I was not ready and before you know it, time up and left.

2014 is the year of Yes and at times when the process of putting together 15+ pieces for the show, I have felt joy as well as the familiar state of uncertainty. But this time, fear did not win and Stephanie and I had a successful show.

The following pics are selected personal pictures of spirit family. I will in the near future post the pieces and discuss about each piece.

This night was a super duper important to me. It allowed me to break down walls and silence doubt. Nothing but upward movement from here on out

Stephanie, San and me

My friend DJ Volare was one of the DJs of the night. She was with me at my Truthseekers Radio spot.

Comic JennyYang

Spirt Family, Jenn, Julienne and Chris. Jenn came down from SF just for the show!


Cupcakes made by Little Sweeties!!!
All these are influenced by my work!


Peter Woods and his lovely family

Will and his lovely family

My piece went to a new home!

Brandi and her goodies~!

Doreen of Little Sweeties!
I painted a piece inspired by her being!

Artist Stefania and her friend

The Get Down Collective: Multi Media greats

My piece went to a great home! Arturo bought this for his daughter, Mae!

Extremely grateful for a packed house and record sales! 

One of my favorite kid in the whole world and his dad

Such a fan of his work, my artist friend SKET ONE

Miss this chica! Ver Mar, remarkable artist and scultress!

Love these guys!! Daniel and Ariana! I made a promo that anybody rocking a Beatrock shirt would get free swag from me!

The night is about collaboration. Mixpe modeling Nena Soulfly's African wax print dress, styling by Sherry Younge from Art Form Studio.

My homegirl Amreen, times 3! My piece Doreen from Little Sweeties

Guns and roses

And this awesome event happen! I was so happy to see Ryan at my show. That guy is so extremely busy. And he got his equipment and did an interview of Stephanie and me at the end of the night!

Vibe !!!

Such a beautiful night!
Portraits of me made out of sugar!

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