Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Ode to AlfieNumeric by Stephanie Takemoto

Sometimes I paint my friends and sometimes my friends paint me.

"Ode to AlfieNumeric" by Stephanie Takemoto
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It's no secret that most of my work is autobiographical and the women who I paint often resemble myself. I was taught to "paint what I know" and often time, my subject matter would be of a curvaceous woman with melanin.

This year, I decided to challenge myself a bit and find the inspiration in the women who surround me. In "All the Right Weaponry" and "Femme Fatale" series, I looked outside of myself and chose women who have influenced my journey in the past few years. It was liberating to push myself to paint women who have different facial features, skin features and body types as I do.

But it is a blessing to have a talented friend and artist use you as a muse. I am so very honored when Stephanie Takemoto chose me as one of her subject matters in a show called "Muses" which will be in Swoon Gallery's  upcoming show. It's amazing to see what people see in you. She captured my all my loves- writing, drawing, poetry, painting, gold chains, tropical lands which I consider "home" (plumeria and Hawaii), my red tips and bleeding heart doves!

Truly amazed by her talent and her upward trajectory in the art scene. So thankful for her friendship and her inspiration that pushes me as well.

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