Saturday, July 03, 2010

If you are like me, you are busy.

So busy that your home looks like a wreck, you contemplate hiring the old woman who runs the laundromat down the street to do your laundry, and you eat anything you can hold while driving.

And you miss movies at the theaters.

I was soooooo looking forward to watching Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton last year. After going to a private tour at the Disney Studios and seeing the posters, I went back to feeling like a kid and anticipated for the release.

And then I got busy.

After a few weeks, I read FB status updates of disappointment after disappointment.

So I naturally put it off.

Until last night. I bought a copy for 10 bux and decided to watch it over zombie movies. I ENJOYED IT! it was so stunning! Tho I didn't see it in 3D I still loved the visuals, the color palatte, the characters. I didn't mind that each one was CGI'ed in some fashion.

So i didn't understand why people were disappointed. It was a children's movie. It was fun. It didn't have a complex story because it was geared towards children and the adults who loved and grew up with the Disney animation from the 60's.

Or maybe i benefitted from the deflation of hype.

i loved it and added it to my library. definitely something i can watch over and over again =)

The original animation. $9.99????  I need a dvd version of this movie!

Living Dead Dolls in Alice in Wonderland costumes?? My goth brother would love this!!

Give it a chance! it was fun! don't expect the lewis carroll story though. it's a script that takes place after after, like when she was 19.


Dandelion said...

I went to the cinema with couple of my friends for this movie. It was nice.. However i somehow expected a little bit more from Tim Burton.

alfie said...

true true. i wonder if Disney asked him to tone it down a bit. i know they asked that for "where the wild things are."

Dandelion said...

really?? how unfair!!!!! they they should simply go for another director... and not take tim burton and restrain him U_U

Dandelion said...
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Kat not Jas said...

I really liked it too!

And i didn't know about the whole "tone it down" thing, but it makes sense; the movie wasn't as Burton-y as i expected...