Monday, June 30, 2014

Step into the Realm: The Legendary Roots

The Roots has been one of my favorite hip-hop groups. I haven't missed an album and they were always with me during road trips, writing sessions and painting sessions. I remember seeing them live a few times, the most memorable was at the House of Blues where Res open up for them and I was front, dead center.

I got to meet them thanks to this guy right here! Dave has known them for 20 years and was so cool  enough to bring me to their BET Experience event, "The Roots present Hip Hop" where I got to hangout backstage with them and their friends. I wonder what my 1999 self would have thought if I traveled back in time and told her she was going to meet and hang out with them. I'm sure she would flip the fuck out! I got to live a day in the life of  Dave NY.

Dave suggest that if I wanted to get a picture, that I should do so before they hit the stage because afterwards they just want to chill. I can respect that. If you know me personally, I don't get too starstruck so I don't really ask for autographs or pictures. But this is Questlove. I know I would regret it if I didn't ask.

He was so cool about it! He even offered to take the selfie since i looked around and saw nobody available to take the pic. Completely made my night from there on out!

Dave also helped me get a pic with Blackthought. OMG, felt like I was in highschool all over again!

From my POV back stage in the right wing of the stage.

Speaking of highschool, Redman and Mef were also on the bill and I felt my highschool crush well up again. I swear, their albums may have been the 90s "on our way to the clubs" anthem as we cruise around Sunset Blvd with the Mustang's top down.

And here is a blast from the past, Doug E. Fresh..
Where was my Le Coq Sportif and aquanet?
Doug E. Fresh were one of my favorite artists. Yo MTV Raps taped on VHS tapes, playing it over and over again until it snapped. Mad memories!!

The end of the night shot with the Step N Repeat. an epic night!


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