Friday, June 14, 2013

Santa Monica Sunsets

It's a busy time at both my jobs right now and I needed to hit the reset button. I thought naps would help, or going to the movies, or eating out would help but none of them got me centered.

I realize I needed a dose of nature. I took the dogs and headed out to the beach to breathe in sea breeze. I forget that I live so close to the ocean, especially when I am on a strict schedule. I'm going to have to make more time to head out to catch sunsets over water.

Harper is wondering if we are there yet.

These guys certainly were not going to pose for any pic. They wanted to just go.

Sometimes, I accidently take for granted that I live in a city that is diverse as Los Angeles. So many pockets of LA are so different that in a single day, you can see different scenaries and different communities. This shot hear reminds me a lot of Hawai'i minus the humidity. 

I probably should have done a vertical shot with this one.

Cell phone pics do not do justice on how magestic this tree is. 

 Look up and you see a walkway to heaven.

Heading home...

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