Tuesday, December 07, 2004

"you get into kooky adventures"- says my friend

and i surely cannot keep up with them.

but i shall try harder...

the plasticfucker show

phloe and i got gussied up and headed down to west la to check out the plasticfucker show at blackmarket la. this dude, doug, does portraits of famous people as those little lego people. remember those???

the window front

me and phloe.. the token "us" shot

this dude albert got on his hands and knees and drew this by spitting beer outta his mouf.. i think i am in love =)

that is him throwin' up the SF sign

amazing artist, nathan cartwright and the photographer

amazing photographer, jack,and the rookie

chicago reppin' hard.. check out phloe with the ill boots

oh yea.. more art... i mean that was what the show is about right? heheh

the david flores show at gallery 1988

picture from the right. you can see snippets of melinda, ver, and me


more of his smaller art


just me



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