Tuesday, August 25, 2009

throughout the years, i have developed this perspective in which the following holds truth:

- the past is the past. it's done. there is no use wishing to change it because, well frankly time travel hasn't been invented so why dwell on it.

- the future hasn't happened yet so why worry about events that may not happen or keeping your eye on this object in which umpteen million possible out comes can happen and preparation for the future is synonymous with swimming up stream

so with that, the present is of greatest value because it is what you have at the moment and it should be fully experienced and valued. but i am now trying to add that with experiencing the moment and trying to heightened each sensory, i also wanted to honor the past (because that is what made me up to now) and also keep an eye on the future (because decisions made today can effect the future.)

it's widening perspective.

being sensitive and compassionate.

to think outside of yourself.

to cherish each relationship for what it is.

to view things that fall apart as a door that leads to a set of new opportunities.

to breathe and just be.

to choose to be happy, because some emotions can be chosen, and not just be reactionary.

to just love unconditionally and hard.

Lately, i have realized that i have missed out on a lot of things in the past decade. It's been about ten years since i have seen my cousins' children. Ten years since i have been to Disneyland. Ten years since i have been fishing with my father. and though i don't even for a second, regret what i have done in those years to grow, rediscover myself, and meet new people, i wish there were two of me to cover more ground.

Last week, i took the day off to spend time with family. It's been YEARS since i have been fishing with my father. and months since i did anything with the family.

this was such a beautiful day, even with the overcast skies and the chilly temperatures.

dad prepping the crab nets

my sister anna

my brother allen>br>

and this is why you don't by cheap sunblock

because this shit doesn't rub in

happy daddy

looking like the alien in district 9, he just wants to go home.

like my friend robert said "the sea gaves us more than just two spider crabs; she gave us time to spend with our father and to laugh."

thank you, ocean

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