Sunday, June 23, 2013

Customizing Toys

Currently, I am heavily involved in design and art advocacy work, which is why I am not posting too many pics of paintings. But no matter what, I have to keep creative, no matter how big or how small the  project.

The following pieces are just for fun and for peace of mind.

In 2010, I worked at San Diego's Comic Con and among the things I bought, a DIY unicorn from TokiDoki   was one of the things I took home. It tooke me three years to actually sat down and paint it. 

This is what I came up with .. Cloud Dancer. 

I also got a My Little Pony DIY doll and will be painting it in the same fashion.

My friends gave me a Hello Kitty toys from McDonald's Happy Meals. I am completely thankful as I try to avoid McDonald's as much as I can. They told me I can go in and just buy the toys but they also took it upon themselves to buy me a couple of them.

Obviously, I am not digging the kiddy neon colors so I decided to customize it to my liking. Since this HK is dancing, I was inspired to do a Nena SoulFly West African Dancing HK. She teaches a West African Dance class at Ijo Ija in Hollywood. I chose the color scheme one of her OOAK jewelry pieces.

Now she can sit on my shelf =)

The same friends who got me the the HK toys are food bloggers (well, they used to write more but now they mostly update their Instagram.) I customized Kid Robot DIY toys to resemble their logo. I made one for them a couple of years back so much of their food reviews and pictures often featured their custom vinyl toy logo.

But during a trip in London, her purse was stolen and Inuyaki version 1 was in there.

So, I made Munnyaki Version 2.0

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