Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Time at Disneyland

Ok, I admit to have talked mad shit about Disneyland and how it is an evil corporate empire hell bent on pushing it's economic imperialist tyranny. I've equated the Mouse with the BP Oil symbol, Ronald McDonald, Enron and that Happy Yellow Face from Walmart as all cogs of the Beast.

That was all before I had kids in my life.

And it is because of these kids that I started seeing Disneyland as a magical place as I once did as a child. Man, I remember begging my mother to get me coloring books (do kids even like those these days?) and my favorite part to color was Mickey's nose and ears.

I've been going more often and I admit, the first two times after a looooooong hiatus, I bit the insides of my cheeks from spewing societal critiques in the Magic Kingdom: how the Jungle Cruise is racist; this false sense of beauty and entitlement in being a Disney Princess; how there is ONE gawdang doll in the Small World ride representing the Philippines (and may I add, she don't fucking move?)

But each time I went, it became more fun, more enjoyable because I love seeing the kids smile and laugh! Sure the lure of smoked turkey legs, chimichangas and Mickey-eared beignets kinda help too, but for the most part, I felt like a kid again.

And i felt like a kid royally when Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas took over the Haunted Mansion!

As a huge fan of Tim Burton's movies, art and aesthetics, I can honestly say I genuinely geeked out! I loved the complete makeover of the Haunted Mansion into the world of Jack Skellington, Zero and Sally.

Even the exterior had a pretty good makeover.

Lil' Man was a bit scared to go to the ride at first. I had to convince him that there are no zombies, no mean ghosts and that Jack was really a good guy trying to save Christmas.

At the end of the ride, Lil' Man and Peanut loved Jack Skellington and his often misunderstood minions of the dark. He asked me if I can buy him a Jack Skellington toy  in which I will get it for him for Christmas if he is good at home and at school.

Peanut however, still loves her Princess but still remains a Warrior with grace.

Oh, make sure you have enough juice in your iPod, iPhone or iPad. The wait is long and the children gets bored quickly. You can only play "I spy with my little eye..." for so long.

Happy Halloween.. Off to my 1st art show of the weekend.

BTW, Halloween in the office is going to be funnnnnnnn...


She Chef said...

Look at their little faces right...let them enjoy it for now...Hey the last time I went on Small World the ONE dang Filipina Doll was dancing on a surfboard haha.

alfie said...

aha, that one wasn't filipino, sis. she was polynesian. and they actually made her into Lilo.. the filipina doll was the one with the bell sleeve dressed in creme and a fan. they used to have her by the door so you would have to turn around and look when your boat passed.

now they got her more in the middle by herself but she is placed on her own post... oh wellz. hahha