Friday, March 08, 2013

Warby Parkers

(Emporio Armani glasses)

Don’t get me wrong. I love the fact that my job gives me benefits and they are pretty decent. Not having health insurance while a full-time artist was a downside to being self employed. But now I have the benefits, the eye care is not that entirely great. First off, glasses have always been way too expensive for my fickle taste. Granted, I get some coverage but $500 glasses end up being around $320 and that is still a lot of money.

Because of that, I’d have to pick the “safest” design and it ends up being boring, especially since my styles change daily.

And as much as I love these duo-tone Emporio Armanis, it cuts my vision sight in half.
It took me about a year to mosey myself over to Warby Parkers. I knew about them last year but completely forgot about it until a friend at work reminded me about them and bought a couple of pairs.
$95- designer frames and lenses.
That is more than half the price of the Ray Bans I wanted to get at LensCrafters. (With the discount, it was $320 before insurance.)
I took advantage of the Try-on offer; 5 frames, 5 days, free shipping.
(From top to bottom: Crosby, Roosevelt and the Thatcher)
I'm pretty sure you will see all the fashionista bloggers looking all cute in their frames. I will not bore you with another selfie photoshoot. (Besides, I'd feel silly doing that.) But the concept of being able to be at home and at your leisure, try on the frames before buying.)
I've done two rounds, which I am glad I did because frames that I thought would look good on me ended up being okay.
What I am loving about the selection is that there is SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE. Which means, they cover all shapes of faces.
My first purchase was the slate blue Holt.
A week later, I decided to get the Thatcher in Revolver Black.
So now I went from one frams to now owning two of different styles and I still didn't pay the price as I would get if I went to the optometrist. I am ENAMORED with my new frames that I can see myself buying two more frames before the end of the year.
As if it weren't cool enough that they send you the frames to try on at home (there are two showcases in LA but being so busy, I don't have time to get there,) they have a WARBY PARKER CLASS TRIP school bus that also equals to a pop-up shop!
This is located at 8201 W. 3rd Street, LA
This pop up shop has almost every frame possible in the collection. It was like being a kid in a candy shop being able to check out all the difference styles. I am thinking that my next purchase should be prescription sunglasses, being that my optometrist say that the sun still damages the retina of the eyes. Well, sounds good to me and the best part is, my insurance will cover some of it!
I went from being vain and not wearing glasses to being vain and owning four pairs! My next post will be about Kahoy Kollection, all wood frames and more!


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