Monday, May 13, 2013

Warrior Dash 2013

Warrior Dash 2013 took place in SoCal at the end of April. This is the second Warrior Dash Team BreastMode has participated in and this time, we invited the men.

Also new to the team is my cousin R who joined us this year for the race. This woman kicked ass! Those obstacles were not easy and she tackled them one by one. (P, who ran with us last year, just had a baby and her husband took her place. How sweet is that?)

And of course my darling nephews and niece came out to cheer on their parents.

While his sister Peanuthas fun with my Viking hat, Bubba is not too thrilled and kept it on long enough until I took the picture.

This is the only pic that was taken during the race, the ditches with the barbed wire. Last year, all the obstacles dealt with height. This year, the obstacles were more about balance. What made it tougher is that they had two mud pits. The first mud pit made it harder to do the rest of the obstacles because of the weight and because it made everything so slick.

Bottom line, I made it and I earned my third medal for the year!

No makeup and feeling great after our 5k run!

The next best thing after accomplishing a race is the after party! A UK study says that the fastest way to dehydrate is to drink beer. I don't normally drink Bud Light but OMG, it was the most refreshing drink I laid my lips on! Live bands, turkey legs, beer, hot men walking around their shirts off- it was wonderful!

The cutest way to end the day is seeing these little ones sport their "Future Warrior" shirts.

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