Tuesday, May 14, 2013

East West Players 47th Gala "Spirited Away"

I have so much fun at my jobs, despite of the crazy hours I put in the office. As East West Players designer, I get to make the promotional art for all their events, including the Spirited Away Gala. Above is the invite I designed with a foil emboss. I'm happy how it all turned out.

In addition to working, volunteering at the gala held at the Hilton in Universal Studios is a must. I got the fun job of working with the VIPs, particularly the artists and the actors/actresses. =)

Everybody was pretty nice. But they assigned me to VIP escort the one person I would possibly lose my shit with and fangirl out- Steven Yeun from "The Walking Dead." In fact, staff kept referring to me and calling me their "Walking Dead Expert" as they asked me questions about Steven's character, Glenn. Yeun was awarded Best Breakout Performance at the Gala and a special performance was dedicated to the honorees with a special song.

I was informed that a lot of it is waiting... and timing. I was given a schedule and I kept my eye on my watch the whole time. 

The ballroom with the lights matching my designs.

What the ballroom looked like on stage.

My friend K and the marketing director who I work closely with. I was not allowed to take pics with my phone because it was unprofessional. However, with Kat having clout, she was able to take a pic with me and Steve. Not before she blasted me and told him how much I was a big fan. haha! He was mad cool and was a very nice guy.

Can't wait for season 4!

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