Friday, May 10, 2013

Hello Kitty Friday

I came back from my coffee run with Melinda and there were two packages waiting for me in my office. One was from Sanrio. I ordered this YESTERDAY and BAM!- in my hands the next day. Wow! Super impressed with the speedy delivery. I ordered a case for my iPhone 5 and a Tokidoki x Sanrio collaboration for my tablet. It also comes with a huge tote bag as a free gift. Hurrah!
The fabulous package of the day is my new Toygami Louis Vuitton Hello Kitty. I was in an artshow with Toygami not too long ago and was able to meet him in person. I told him I really wanted the LV HK and he said he'd make a new one and sell it to me. I thought it was awesome for the following reasons:
1.) The fact that he designs his hown paper collectible figures is impressive. Takes a certain talent to use his mathematical design skills to come up with a blue print to come up with a blue print. It's one thing to be a dope vector illustrator but to make a blue print to make a flat print into 3D pbject is a whole different game. You should see some his more complex figures!
2.) LV print is so funny! I do love LV but it is pricey and what it stands for often contributes to the classism and consumerism that creates a gap between the "haves" and the "have nots." And what better way to make a social commentary on how a well-recognized monogram print conditioned us to think that whatever it is printed on makes it seem extra expensive. You take two brands, both oversaturated brands in marketing, combine them together and print them on something as delicate as paper and THERE you have it: Classy designer urban paper toy.
I'm super happy that it is in a case, labeled and signed.


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