Thursday, May 16, 2013

Skateboard decks

So what do you do when you have a friend who is a professional skateboarder and goes through decks like he goes through underwear? You give me the decks and I will used them as blank canvases.
I couldn't believe how many decks he goes through and was going to just throw them away. I even asked for the broken ones. Reclaim and make it into art.
The bottom piece is called "Power of 3: the Spirt, the Heart and the Primal." It will be on display at the Power Animals III show at Spot Logan Gallery, curated by the folks at Thumbprint Gallery.
This piece was painted a couple of years ago for the "Board Out of My Mind" Group Art Show put on by Assembly Line Collective at Sk8 Cafe and Gallery. That show was super packed and I stayed outside the whole time. (I don't like tight, closed space.)
I have been collecting skateboard decks from some of my favorite artists. I need to find a way to hang them. I know Skateology has deck hangers for 10 dollars but maybe I can rig something up with metal and wood. Here is part of my art collection with Mahfood, Sam Flores, Craola, TokiDoki, TokieDoki x Hello Ktty and Deseinswell.

i wish i was quick to grab the Murakami x Supreme collab they released back in 2007


Zumiez Webmaster said...

These are awesome!

alfie said...

thank you so much!