Monday, May 20, 2013

Waffurusoru: An Art Exhibit of VANS Sneaker Culture

This is a great morning! Came across this campaign for an upcoming show that I am part in with Off the Wall Site at Yojie's in Diamond Bar. This show is about the Vans Sneaker culture and I already know what I want to do for the show.
This morning, I saw my offical intro campaign being blasted on the social networks. So cool!
You can go on the site and check out the other artists that are featured.
I really appreciate marketing efforts like this. Makes us artists feel super supported and amped!

It's a great day today in the city. 81degrees. It was wonderful waking up to such beautiful natural light. (Not saying that I don't appreciate rainy days and cloudy days. I love those days too. But today was extra vanilla-y and warm.)
And it looks like this guy is going to have to go in and get a summer cut.
Stay tuned for works of progresses!

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