Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Frankenweenie + Bday snippets

I got a chance to see first hand the models used for Tim Burton's upcoming flick, "Frankenweenie" at Disney California. As part of my birthday celebrations, my animator friend and I headed over to Anaheim where this special exhibition is on display.

Several models were showcase, giving us the idea of how big the models and dolls they were using for the stop-motion animation. There are also switches and buttons to give an idea to the viewer on how the set was manipulated while filming. In this picture, I am looking through the window but it was too dark for me to be captured.

My friends and I are starting a creative club. One of the clubs is Sketch Brigade, where a bunch of us meet and sketch our surroundings. It's a great way to network and meet new folks as well as getting ouf the house to work. This is AMNSTR"s sketch of the classroom model scene.
I couldn't leave without getting a little something for myself. I noticed that they started a first run series for collectible vinyl toy, Vinylmation, in ... STAR WARS characters. Do you know how ecstatic I felt when I opened to see Yoda?

I also got a set of measuring spoons with Mickey's hands on them. Whoever does the merchandising for Disney is genius. All their kitchenware is is not only cute and whimsical but grown up as well.

and in the subject of my birthday, went in and greeted Autumn with black and red hair. I am ready for Halloween and the upcoming holidays!

Later that night, my boyfriend surprised me not with a cake but with a pizza from LaMonica's, one of the only pizzerias in LA that has their dough shipped in from New York. It's really good but still hard to match up Saluggi's!

Make sure you catch Frankenweenie at theaters this Friday!


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