Sunday, September 30, 2012

Books Books Books! Selling and reading them

I have been selling a few of my portfolio books and with each purchase, I sketch a personalized drawing in the inner pages of the books. Not just a signature =) but a drawing.

Johann gave me that quote from "The Notebook" and I came up with a pair of bleeding heart doves.

Brett is a lawyer and this is the sketch I came up with.

Speaking of books, I have been reading book after book after book. I have been reading and writing as well as sketching. Gotta use all parts of the brain.

Loving Christopher Moore's books. I finally finished the "Blood-sucking fiends," "You Suck" and now 
"Bite Me" trilogy. Highly recommend this series.

Some reading snacks and beverage: fresh figs from my friend's tree and chrysanthamum tea

I also got into Gillian Flynn's novel, "Sharp Objects."

Sending the book to my friend in Maui.Books are not meant to be sitting on my library shelf.

I also got a copy of Fafi's new graphic novel. One of my favorite artists from France, I am happy to be able to grab this book. (It was sold out at Gallery Nucleus.)

I just wish the story was just as solid as the sketches.

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