Thursday, October 11, 2012

Yummy Love for the Tummy

In a couple of hours, we will be celebrating my man's birthday. His friends made reservations for Buca di Beppo. Carbs galore!

Whether out with friends or cooking at home, I tend to eat well. I have been mindful of eating whole foods, like raw fruits and vegetables to cooking vegetarian and vegan to indulging with my crock pot making pulled pork and beef stew.

Last night I made vegan creamy curried soup. Not only this is delicious but it is so good for you; tumeric from the curry is for anti-inflammatory properties; coconut oil/milk has laurine acid which has anti-viral properties when your body converts it; and of course carrots for your vitamin A.

And it is all easy to make.

Another night, I made hasselback potatoes. Put two chopsticks in the bottom and then slice down so that it stops before cutting all the way through. This will give you that nice accordian affect. I sprinkle it with EVOO, California garlic powder, Himalayan salt and baked it. I like this way better than a regular baked potato! I added a small side of marcona almond pesto and dinner is served.

 I also made creamy cauliflower soup with parmesan crisp. Now milk needed for this recipe. The vegetable broth and food processor gives it this texture. Baked Parmesan cheese in the oven til they are crisp.. Did I mention this was gluten-free?

On Monday, I was able to get reservations for Bouchon's Ad Hoc fried chicken night. Ad Hoc is one of Thomas Keller's restaurants in Yountville and their fried chicken grew increasingly popular. Luckily Bouchon in Beverly Hills serves it once a month. Reservations are so hard to come by. In fact, I could only get a very early slot which made it difficult for many of my friends to go. Luckily I found one friend who is just a big a foodie as I am (blame it on the Food Network.)

Now I don't normally go around paying that much for fried chicken but I am paying for a master chef's rendition of an American classic. Crispy on the outside, not greasy but still juicy in the inside. And rather it be salted out, you can actually taste the herbs. Oh my, it was heavenly. Definitely worth  the whole experience. 

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