Monday, November 14, 2011

Collaborating with Children

There seems to be to main subjects in my line of work: women and children. When women are the main focus in my painting, it tends to be referring to what I am currently going through, more than likely involving with my Ego. It's almost like a page out of my journal. 

When the subject is children, it often refers to my Inner Child, my Spirit, the one closest to God, the Most High. It often refers to what I should be focusing on and nurturing and it is the very thing that keeps me rooted and stable.

When people look at my paintings with children, they often suggest I illustrate children's books. Several writers have approached me in working with them so let's see how that unfolds. =)

And back in the Summer, I was approached by a curator to be part of her show called "When I Grow Up." It's taking children's drawing and interpreting them in my own style.

I asked Lil' Man if he would want to collaborate with me. The exciting part is, at the age of 6, we will be in an art show together. How cool was that?!

He gave me several drawings but I was more interested in his bird drawing. There was something sophisticated about it, regardless of being a child's drawing. 

This is a picture of our pieces displayed side by side at Pomona's Glasshouse. I drew his bird and made it into a kite, carrying Lil' Man far above the city skyline.

It is a piece I am definitely proud of, largely because it involved a family member. I had a chance to show it at the Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture where several people saw it and was interested in buying it. However, that piece was spoken for.

Lil' Man is by far my favorite art collector. He loved my piece and we exchanged works. I have his proudly hung on my wall =)


With exposure, my friends Glenda and Joel was very interested in getting my work. They saw that piece and we both agreed upon making a portrait of their son K.

K is an amazing toddler/kid. He is super smart, articulate (he can sign language and speak,) and musically gifted. I noticed he loved musical instruments and cars. 

The Architect
Acrylic on wood

I saw K as an "architect," steadily building the foundation of a wonderful life of creativity, music, science, exploration, discovery and community. In this painting, he is putting birdhouses on top of trees with the help of a white owl, a symbol I use for infinite wisdom and knowledge.

K's parents also bought three more paintings from me, all owl-related,  to give to their friends for presents. But after 3 year old K saw the pieces, K insisted that his parents keep the pieces and they now hang right beside this piece.

Not all children's pieces are painted on canvases. Eric wanted me to paint his first born son, 3 year old Cire as a zombie. Eric is a huge horror flick fan and being that he does everything with his kid, Cire became a fan as well. I had zombie finger puppets in my purse once and I gave on of them to Cire and he LOVED it. He growled and in his baby voice, would say "braaaaains.... braaaains."

I pained Cire on a large vinyl Munny. Not going all the way with the theme in making him look scary, I painted him more of a pale blue grey color  and kept it cute. I am currently sculpting a brain but making it more kawaii and more of a sidekick than a snack for zombie Cire.

I have more kid collaboration and children's portraits I have to do and will post them as soon as I get a chance too.

One last thing, the other day, I was designing Spitty's 1st bday invites. As I was going through my albums I can't help but notice all the kids in my life and how fast they are growing.

This is a start of a project but this is a small fraction of babies who are in my life. This is one of the reasons I am so dang happy! I love these kids...

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