Friday, August 18, 2006

entered maureen's office, greeted by two more supervisors, and they offered me the job.

so i am full time at the writers guild. which means, i am double-employed.

and the double income would allow me to:

[ ] have health insurance. now i can rough house as much as i want. that skateboard i tucked in the corner of my back room is now coming out. (last time i rode it, i fell on my side and hurt my wrist. i had no insurance so i had to risk healing an broken wrist.) and i can finally get a full physical since i am training!

[ ] continue shopping for a car. although i am not too crazy on payments. but i should be okay. i paid a credit card off and i am debtless.

[ ] fix my damn driveway!!!! though mitzi's idea of us doing it ourselves sounds fun, i was a disbeliever. she claims to have paved a driveway when she was living in Italy, but when i asked her what her plan was, she says "come on!!! how hard is it for us to do it ourselves.) ((( insert one raised eyebrow face here )))

[ ] paint my house. ok, so this i can do myself.

[ ] take more art and design classes. although working at the guild is not so sexy, updating my skills will help me out later on down the line.

[ ] tell my parents not to worry about me anymore. my folks love me but they don't understand why i chose to be an artist and not a nurse. they don't understand why don't like keeping a steady job and they don't recognize my working at home is a full time job. now they can see that i am going to be doing both.

[ ] free movie screenings and industry dinners

but here some things i am not looking forward to:

[-] commitment!!!! fuck man, that means i gotta be some place, at a certain time, for a certain period of time. yea yea, but try working your own schedule and being mobile for a bit. that shit was fun

[-] no more last minute trips

[-] not working for my current boss. shit, he's cool!

[-] disappearing off the face of the earth. with working here, and working at home, and trying to produce and curate shows means "no more casual nights out" for alfie

but i am not complaining. i got certain things to achieve and now i have less worries. just means i have to adjust and as a virgo, i can adapt to any given situation..

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MONKEYfightingSTYLE said...

ha ha!
welcome to the world of double employment!!!
actually, since you're working a 9-5 'industry' job, you can technically be considered triple employed 'cuz they like to suck it all outta you and make you do the job of 3+ people...ANYHOO...

ahhh well, the sacrifices we make!
we have been chosen homechica :)
no turning back now!