Wednesday, August 16, 2006

eargasm: carmen rizzo : the lost art of the idle moment

eyegasm: the embracing cloudy LA day

sippin': on a cup of coffee made by an officemate

feelin': senses are dull

made it back home yesterday around noon. thank you to vanessa who sponsored the taking to LAX/picking me up from LAX/lending her digital camera segment of the trip.

after a yummy brunch/lunch at nick's coffee shop on pico, i came home and crashed the fuck out. at that point, i had not slept in more than 48 hours and when i saw my bed, i crawled in my bed and slept for a eight or so hours.

when i woke up, we had cable.


cable, as in we have more than two hundred channels.

and a working remote

sweet lord jesus.

i didnt know what to do with myself so i had it stay on VH1 and watched videos.

so no recap on nyc until i get my pictures from bunny. but it is great to be home.

but anytime you walk away from your current perspective in life, go somewhere else for a week, then come back, you can't help but see it as a brand new slate.

so with that...

i promise to:
[+] focus more and more on my personal work
[+] ride on this wave of inspiration
[+] love hard and freely with no fear
[+] keep up with my fitness log
[+] spend more time with my family
[+] keep it focused on what matters
[+] cook more and stop eating out so much
[+] remind Self that passion is not overrated
[+] saving money because saving money is sexier than spending it
[+] sign up for boxing class
[+] buy my damn bike already
[+] learn to say "yes" more
[+] learn to say "no"

ok, so, maybe now i should start working. no boss today. just me and my sister. now you understand how hard it is to focus today? hahahahha!

Yoshitomo Nara
Light My Fire
Wood, acrylic, cotton, 2001
188 x 73 centimeters

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