Friday, December 29, 2006

I met up with teresa, martha, and rachel at LACMA to check out the Magritte show titled "The Treachery of Images." if you have a chance, you must see it. I loooooved it. It was a comprehensive show, featuring an extensive collection of his work. Also featured in the show are contemporary artists whose works are influenced by Magritte. But you have to see the installation of the show. As a curator and one who installs shows, I really appreciate the effort put into this show. It was too much for me in one day so I intend to roll through one more time, this time, doing the audio tour.

Sorry for the momentary art geek talk. But shit was dope (did I redeem myself for cussing?)

After the show, and after soy chai lattes, I said goodbye to the girls and headed out to Chinatown for soulpeople's "Holiday Fresh"

Carlie hooked me up with this gig

Jason yap (Remy's on Temple Art Gallery), Sarah (roommate extraordinaire) and moi. Sarah helped lay color on the wood, preparing it for mark canto.

Apparently he is a recent graduate of the handsome boy modeling school

pylet7 came out to play too!

Ralph from Rime Magazine

Could never take good crowd pics with a point and shoot. I need to read the manual.


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