Sunday, August 13, 2006

location: silk road cafe : chinatown : NYC
time: evening : minutes run to each other when jetlagged and running free
companion: mint tea and postcards that need to be sent out
feeling: home away from home

we have been reduced
to the size of
half-inch paper cranes

each second resides
on a petal ofa a cherry blossom

each giggle resonates
in the lines of golden swirls

all cursive letters
from dancing fingertips
now live in the folds of the body
holding each crease
in place
which replaced
our own hold of the folds

we have been reduced
to the size of half inch paper cranes
which he has placed in a shoe box
tucked in the corner of a closet
where they fly freely
in the dark...

a. ebojo 2006

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