Monday, January 02, 2006

res·o·lu·tion     P     Pronunciation Key   (r z-l sh n)
The state or quality of being resolute; firm determination.
A resolving to do something.
A course of action determined or decided on.

We do this year after year after year. We make these resolutions, in the hope that we can improve something in our lives. And for the first few months, we are gung ho, hitting the gym, stomping on cigarette packets, writing in our journals.

In the eve of 2004, I didn't make resolutions. In fact, I didn't even partied. In my own rationale, I purposely didn’t go out. why should I pressure myself in going out, spending beau coup money, and sharing the space with drunk ass, faded strangers. Instead, I stayed home and meditated. I welcomed 2005 and turn over to sleep.

Instead of making a list of resolutions ( and believe me, that was hard being that I am a notorious list maker ), I made a decision to be more present in mind and pretend that each day is a new day in assessing and making more resolutions.

2005 was a very productive and fruitful year for me.

and they say, what you do on the eve of the new year sets the tone for what the upcoming year is going to be like.
Well last night was an interesting night. Me and the crew had no set plans. With a series of miscommunication and invitations with different venues, the crew met up in my house in order to decide what we need to do. Well to make a long story short, let me just say drunken laughter, cuban cigars, busting holes thru ceilings, police stake out at the party we were suppose to go to, a near bar brawl with a group of belligerant gay men, cooking for a potluck while stoned, multiple texts --- all led to the crew and other friends back to my house.

And luckily, with my recent attempts at feng shuing, I had the house cleaner than ever. It is still in transition, but clearing the house and filling it with things that I love had made the house seem like it was embracing each and every one of us.

And regardless of all of us carpooling thru different places, we ended up at home. We came full circle.

So basically, sets the mood for the upcoming year- I am focusing on my home and office, my work, and myself. Now is the year in which I take care of myself, spiritually, mentally, and esp physically. If they say home is where the heart is, then my body needs feng shui-ing itself.

And with the home, I am making improvements. Hopefully,as things are settling and I am done with the rearranging and purging, I would invite people that I love more often, and fill my space with good energy. Only then can I continue to move on with my growth and journey.

Coming full circle. Back to us.

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