Thursday, December 29, 2005

feng sh-awaaaaay

The new years' mentality has settled in early this year. Since christmas, I wiped my slate clean and began preparing for the new year. Started sweeping the dust bunnies from my journal, taking down the cob webs in my to-do lists, rearranging my furniture and certain priorities- yes, I am feng shui-ing my house and my life.

I know 2006 is going to be more intense and productive than 2005 and I have to be ready for it. Saucy calls me "the busiest girl she knows" and it is a statement often said to me. passion is something fierce, something that finally came to surface since 1998. I have ignored it way too long and now that it is here, I am riding it.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in 2005 is to embrace the process, to cultivate patience, and to nurture faith. I have seen some of my closest comrades jump off the plank of stability and security, and dove into something so risky, yet any small accomplishment is a victory worth basking over. Its no coincidence that I run with these people. We are each other's inspiration.

- M quit her decade long dream of being in the journalism and went back to school for esthetician practices. Her dream is to own her own spa.

-where as, L left his northwest hometown to live in another country, to start his journalism career.

-V went from independent self-sufficient, hardcore business woman to a self-sacraficing wife and mother who now breathes easier. Other people in the circle who are having/have had babies are E, B, and C

- P is finally painting and showing her work.

-V is hella kicking ass with her art and is getting recognition, showcasing in some of LA's renown galleries.

-M went from poetry on the page, to poetry on the stage, to stage writing to screen plays and is getting recognition.

-J gave birth to one of the biggest miracles weighing in at 5lbs, and STILL finished college despite being pregnant and having family problems.

-A is making strides in her craft. Not only has she done two successful one woman plays, organized events and worked in the unforgiving world of arts non-profits, and collaborated in a documentary- she is now working on publishing her work, laying lyrics on tracks, and making a dvd.

-M and V are getting married. As are F and B. other people who bit the bullet are J and Y, M and L, and A and C.

Shit, I honestly can go on and on with the transitions people are making in their lives. It seemed like 2004 was and awakening period, 2005 was transition and training, and 2006 is the up and onward.

And here I am, organizing my home and office. I have been buying furniture, buying paint, and tossing out shit I don't need. A new friend and spiritual guide schooled me on a bit of feng shui...

... look around,you'll see that others have
done this before you and in your own will make your
trail...through the jungle...chop chop!! being a
virgo(right?) earth sign...draw upon nature for rejuvenation..for
comfort..inspiration...and your instincts are right on...clearing out
old stuff..removing clutter is how we make energyic space we need to
allow the new fresh energy to come in...your south east corner in your
home and yard is the financial feng shui clear it..put
plants or moving water..or something that represents moving water or
living plants..or gold..or wealth symbols..coins in a bowl...energize
this area...and the north is the corner for's a water
area...enhanced with water...but drained by plants so use
or metal..or best of all...water..or the color blue...good place to hang
your art...and if you have any dried flowers or dead things hangiung
around your house...get rid of them...bring in fresh flowers...fresh
energy is important when you are in a time of transitions...

Here we go... Anybody want to come over and help me paint?

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