Thursday, January 05, 2006

Its close to 11pm and I don’t know what I should do with myself. I passed out at 5pm and woke up at 10 pm. It's one of those rare moments when fatigue takes over the body unexpectedly. Those rare moments when your hearing gets dull and your head gets stuffed and you lay down for what you think would be a minute, only to wake up with a "what the fuck" five hours later.

And now I am awake.

Not that "oh, I can take the world right now" awake. More like, "I cant go to sleep right now and it is too late to do anything" type awake.

So I am here, fumbling around on what clever thing to say. But I have nothing.

You are probably thinking "woman, you are wasting my precious time."

I apologize.

Shoot, I wish I knew what to do . Consider yourself a good friend, listening to my bullshit, helping me expend energy.

I know I know. I can talk about ... Shoot, I dunno... Stuff! that's it- I am going to talk about things that I like and don't like...

I have joined a cult
Ok, not really, but I am trying this phenomena called netflix. I resisted for so long, not really seeing the benefits of suscribing to an online movie rental service. But we don't have cable, and my rabbit ears can only pick up so many shows that don't look like a blizzard. To add to that, I saw how much I spend at hollywood video in the month of november. Ungodly!

So far so good. I turn them around in a day. I am a product of living in los angeles, and living with an aspiring screen writer. As an artist in varying levels, I am all about storytelling in the craft of creativity. I have become a newly born movie geek, watching movies and then having analytic conversations about what I have seen with another movie geek (aka writer, movie fan, actor, filmmaker.)

Well, SOME movies I have intellectual conversations with. Sometimes, movies like "wedding crashers" aren't worth the lattes and biscottis. The belly laughs are enough.

Here is a unbiased review on online renting in case you are interested:

addicted to this site
I admit it, I am a DYI fan. Do it yourself type of girl. Watching todd oldham on mtv's house of style got me hooked. I mean, I remember being a college student looking at all these projects thinking "oh my god! are you serious? So easy and soooo cute!!"

I sat in the bookstore salivating over this book:

And this one. I think this one is more my stilo, being on a budget and all:

My friend vanessa also turned me on to ready made magazine, a magazine for "people who likes to make stuff."

I also frequent craftster.

What??? This ain't your gramma's hobby...

art of war by sun tzu
I am re-reading the "art of war". This is not only a philosophy of war but also the philosophy of peace. Its all on how you flip it.

"Energy may be likened to the bending of a crossbow; decision, to the releasing of a trigger. "

Whoa.. I am tired now.. Night night

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