Tuesday, April 15, 2003

thought of the day: two guys and one girl goes out. they are all homies. one of the guys unknowingly pisses off another car with three guys, who are belligerent and drunk. the three guys approaches the car with the two guys and the girl. the two guys gets out of the car. do you expect the girl to fight, seeing that the girl is down for her boys, or do you expect her to chill, cuz she shouldn't fight in the first place?

and the answers are

ARCHON236: she better box!

vanessawithamg: fuck it she should throw down
vanessawithamg: she should fuckem up with bottles or whatever weapons are close
vanessawithamg: anything that will give her advantage
vanessawithamg: like a shotput
vanessawithamg: did you get in a fight?

luvJONES13: how big is she?
luvJONES13: haha j/k
luvJONES13: see, i am down for my boys... but i can't do shit physically
luvJONES13: it would be like they were getting tickled n shit
luvJONES13: yeah i'd have to throw something sharp to ahve any sort of effect

RJesena: if the girl can fight she shouldn't get involved in the fight at first, but if her boys start to get in trouble she should be the one to throw the towel or get some help
RJesena: if the girls' boys are kicking ass she should just watch, and if she wants to get involved a little bit that should be OK too...
RJesena: as a boy (who has been involved in bar fights and other stupid things), I don't expect my girls to fight...
RJesena: I do expect them to take care of my bruises and scars, and maybe stroke my ego afterwards...
RJesena: did you get in a little trouble with your boys

lazylarry26: fight fight fight!

Randy Q Says: GIrl Fight.. If i was the chick id get my boys back even thought id prolly get my ass whoooped
Randy Q Says: thats just me

kittie1527: so the question is, shoudl the girl be expected to fight?
kittie1527: also, i woman has much more at stake when fighting another man. there is a higher chance that she can get assaulted sexually
kittie1527: whatever she chooses should be respected by the guys. like for me, i don't know how to fight. but i can key cars, slash tires, bash windows, take shit...hehe...

well, wendy's fight club is in the hizzzzouse. we didn't get into a fight. but damn, we were getting ready to. didnt want to. i just got my nose pierced!

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