Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Thought of the day #2: lets say someone gave you a boat. and this boat was hella cute but it had lots of holes it. ofr the first few years yousail around in your culte little boat and really dont care of its faults and you over look them. but eventually the boat takes in water. not much but some. but you still really like this boat. its sinking and you want to fix it but you are not sure in the long run with al the costs of the repair. what do you do?

((( key to answering this is to substitute the word boat , for "guy" or "girl".)))

kittie1527: you need to ask the question,
kittie1527: WHY do you like the boat so much?
Alfie says: maybe you like to WALK instead?
kittie1527: hahahah right!!!
kittie1527: or maybe you really need a CAR
kittie1527: holes in a boat are a pretty big fault. those kind of faults will make you DROWN
kittie1527: i'd let it go and chill on the coast and see what other "boats" pass by...so hand me the pina colada

sponsays: if i was going to be in a boat with holes in it, I would have made sure to stay within swimming distance of the shore
sponsays: *true answer if you think about it*
sponsays: can't get in too deep with a leaky boat

tikodotorg: and i was at the point where bubble gum was doing the trick.. and then moved up to duck tape (u know the heavy industrial kind)... but the duck tape is getting really expensive... and starting to be an everyday task.. and people are starting to notice it as well.. so the pretty little boat is turning into this horrible looking mess... i am thinking its gonna take more effort and work to repair the use of duck tape in exchange for real wood if it's even ablel to be salvaged at this point.. but i hang on.. remembering what i fealt when i got that pretty little boat.. wishing for a miracle.. living in denial suks ass!

ARCHON236: nip the problem in the bud, and start looking for a bigger and better "boat" cuz a man like me can't have anything that's "hella cute" for too long.

my answer
i tend to like to upgrade in life. i would rather save up for a speed boat. i like to make sure i get to where i am going quickly and safely. so instead of taking chances for with something that can be dangerous, i can work on the beach, saving up money, researching what kind of speed boat i want (cuz it is an investment) and purchasing one once i am ready. but i like to swim from time to to time so i will dip in once in awhile...

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