Thursday, April 10, 2003

I feel ansy. I feel contained in a too small body even though I sometimes complain it is too big. I have this locomotion of energy wanting to come out and it is communicating with me thru morse codes by ways of heart palpitations. Call it the caffeine but I think I want to CREATE. I have never had such a strong need to create and do art. I want to leave my office and soak up the sun. Then I want to go home, burn nag champa, put on Les Nubiennes, drink chai yerba mate with soy milk and honey, and paint the day away.

I want to paint what has been singing in my heart. I want to paint what has been bickering in my head. I want to paint what has been itching in my skin. I want to paint what has been punching me in my gut. I just want to fucking dip my hands in a tub full of color and show you what is swirling in my chest cavity.

I begged my muse to inspire me to write. It is easier to write at work; it’s less conspicuous. But what I am feeling right now cannot be built with lego alphabet. It needs to be built with hues.

But I have to wait.
Check out these artists:
Cynthia von Buhlor
Yoshitaka Amano
Benjamin Carre

here is the thought of the day: would you move with the love of your life to a place you know nothing about, far from friends and family and the life you know, and you will never see them again? or would you stay not knowing if you will ever find your soulmate?

and they said...

vanessawithamg: how good is the sex?
vanessawithamg: jk.. i just want to get quoted on your blog

ARCHON236: wow....
ARCHON236: i'd leave
ARCHON236: cuz the wonder of the internet will be my way of connecting with family

caineinyamouf: wow
caineinyamouf: hmmmm....
caineinyamouf: i would prolly stay
caineinyamouf: no guarantee things would work out wit hher right?
caineinyamouf: couple years ago i would have said "go for it."

MajGoku2002: i would have, yes
MajGoku2002: worst than never knowing your soulmate is knowing them and not being able to consumate the connection

DaPoet7: WOH
DaPoet7: that's a heavy one lola.

lazylarry26: that's like me moving to hawaii with my gfriend to hawaii...i guess it depends on the place you are moving...if i had to move to oklahoma that would suck (no brown people)
Alfie says: lololololol

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