Monday, November 18, 2002

my weekend synopsis::..

1. the radio show was fun. i remember sitting there in studio A watching all the intricacies of running a two hour show. everyone was a gear in the big machine of things...not a WELL-OILED gear but a gear nonetheless. couple of people who shall remain nameless get too nervous and jumpy and they jump the gun like talking over phloe or cutting the music too early and abruptly or talk when someone else is talking in the mic. it is actually kinda cute but you don't know how many times i slapped my forehead and said "DOH!!! CHILL OUT!". kat was hilarious cuz she would try to hold down the fort but then we look at each other and just giggle. oyyyye ve.. we shall get our shit together...

but wendall did a kick ass set. i never got to go on the mic cuz i didn't practice when i was at his pad (i was supposed to kick a flow over his beats.). when i got there, i had a killer stomach ache and i ended up passing out on his couch while he picked his vinyls. oh well. next time!

2. i am sooooooo amazed and thankful to the Most High for what He is doing to Bambu's career. word is spreading about him and it is extending to seattle and chicago to new york. i always knew he had a wonderful gifted talent. the stars are aligning, bro and i am very very proud of you and will continue pray for your success. keep working hard and striving far. thanks for looking out for your big sis, as well (( wink)).

3. after the book reading series, kat and i attempted to have a girls' night out... but one thing hindered us... no moolah. so after having thai food with some friends, she and i drove around to our favorite places. okay, tell me this. why do the tourists take over our city on saturdays??? every damn place we went to had a huge ass line or had people so hollywoody that we dont even want to deal with it. in one night of driving around los feliz and hollywood we have seen hookers approaching the car in front of us, a fight breaking out, a bottle being thrown to a couple of guys to start a fight, three near car accidents, and shoot, i forget what else. we have been to star shoes, good luck bar, and tangiers.

at midnight:30 kat and i said "fugg it" and headed out to this coffee house. that is when we get a call from brian saying that they were at Star Shoes. sooooooo, we hopped in the car and head out to hollywood again... which i am glad we did because we ended up having a great time. oh ... and caine thought he was superman.... hahahhaha

but jeeeeeeez...

4. sushi mac kicks major ass. every plate is $2.50!!! gawwdamn!

5. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MY DAD!!!!!! i leave for arizona tomorrow morning.

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