Monday, November 18, 2002

random thought::..

i love my blog. it is the only discreet thing i can have on my screen that still makes me look like i am working. AIMs get me in trouble. reading gets me in trouble. writing emails get me in trouble. bringing my journal to work will get me in trouble.

i also love reading other people's blog. it is like having a writing assignment each day, depending if the person has a COMMENT link. i have alot of good discussions out of people's blog. plus it allows me to see deeper into people's psyche. allows me to think and to see how my friends are doing at the same time.

in the spirit of mr.excitement and AMELIE, here are 10 things you probably don't know about me:

1. i am sick of BOBA. yes, i am tired of tapioca balls. i know, i am sorry but it is true.
2. i have a nipple fetish, esp if they are my own. (yes, i went there. stop gasping you sexually-repressed being.)
3. i think buying MAC lipstick is really fun.
4. i really enjoy working out my legs, biceps, and back but cringe when it is abdominal days.
5. i am a serious book fiend. i absolutely love books. you name it-art, poetry, biographies. .
6. places where i can seriously do damage to the account- target, the art store, any book store,amoeba, ikea, and home depot
7. tattoos and body piercings are so dang sexy to me
8. i had a crush on speed racer and donny osmond when i was four years old.
9. there is something magical about starting a new journal. it is even more magical when you finish one.
10. if i can any ability, i would love to have the power to heal- both emotional wounds and physical ones.

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