Friday, November 15, 2002

first and foremost::..
thank you all, for giving me your words... in all sincerety. thank you. it is so hard to keep maintaining. i am human and i have good days and i have bad days. my releasing my fears to the wind blew back something much sweeter than the smell of a field of magnolias... i am grounded again.

i will post throughout the day...

random thoughts for free::..

1. listen to AZIATIK RHYTHMS tonight (well, tomorrow morning) 1am-3am 90.7 KPFK after DIVINE FORCES.phloe will mainly host.kat will be there too.(she is helping produce the show.) faniks is doing a guest spot. i will be there as well. will i get on the mic.. maybe... you have to tune in to find out! lol

2. XPAC and CHYNA are ENGAGED??? WHAT??? (( ANY WWE fans out there? or is it just me?)))

3. the airconditioner broke in your office. HELP! it is sooo hot in here.. (sorry, had to vent.)

4. we are doing more scene work in my improv class. it is so much fun!

5. ok, so we are rolling three cars deep to AZ. got my family from hawaii flying in, my family from up north rolling down, and we are going to do this road trip to friggin' AZ!!! this should be very interesting because when you get my family together, you are bound to get some comedy... i should bring a video camera to document this. how many of you want to take bets on how quickly my mom will snap at me or my sister? lol... i get to see pops! woooo hoooooo!

6. bought more canvases. the art store has a 50% off the prices of their canvases and 40% off their brushes.. i went to town yesterday.

7. my play is collecting dust on my desktop. i hope my muse comes in and tap into my cerebrum that connects my vision to my vocabulary bank.

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