Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Vision aligned

It's my birthday week! I have found out that although I love birthdays, I freak out when it comes to planning my own event. HA! It is so much pressure trying to figure out what to do that would be so much fun and memorable and who to invite. Last year, I decided to live as if the whole year was my birthday and did so many"firsts."
My first solo art show. My first acting gig. My first (and second) radio show spots. First time asking a guy out (I lie. I just don't do that often so it felt like the first.). First time curating an art show in a nationally-recognized historical monument. First time outdoor shooting. First time taking trips by myself. First time trying out surfing.

I think I am going to continue on that momentum but with higher intent and sharper focus. Time is an illusion anyways. We tend to put markers on things and measure things for our satisfaction. Welp, here's to rounding out another trip around the sun. I'm ready, Universe.

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