Saturday, March 09, 2013

Kahoy Kollections

(All pictures by me.)
(Ralph Santos of Kahoy Kollections)

As mentioned in my previous post, I am all about frames right now. I work on the computer all day and night (both jobs require me to be on the computer. Designers will know what I am talking about.) It has affected one of my eyes slightly. Although my eyesight has allowed me to be able to have the option of not wearing glasses (it's not that bad,) I am realizing the seeing makes me work and perform smoother.

And I am so glad that there are so many affordable options for me now.

Meet my friend Ralph Santos. He is an entrepreneur and one of his businesses is Kahoy Kollections, a collection of "Bamboo Sunglasses, Handmade Wooden Glass Frames, and Awesome Wood-Textured Glass Frames."

These frames are super light and stylish! They are comfortable on and it doesn't feel like I have them on. I love the natural texture. Some are pressed wood and some are wood grain resin. 

I did some research and there is one other company in competition to Kahoy. Kahoy's prices are pretty competitive. The other company charges around $200 for frames. Kahoy starts and $89.99! 

(I'm wearing Branch in Plum... with a peak of SistarGirl Doorknocker earrings.)

For that price, adding about $50-$60 dollars with prescription lenses, you STILL save than when you go to the optometrist boutiques!

Check out Ralph's quick segment on a Japanese TV show:

Alongside with Kahoy Kollections, and artist and designer named Yolanda Jo sells besides Ralph at the Melrose Trading Post, every 1st and 3rd Sundays. I didn't take Yolanda's pic but this is her adooooorable pup, Haley, wearing feathers and a bow necklace. Yolanda sells original canvases, earrings, rings and bows. More on her stuff later when I take more pics.

Here is me with one of her feather earrings!

I truly love the Melrose Trading Post! There are so many great finds and GREAT prices! It's better to buy from these business owners straight from them. The prices are even better than what they have online!

Infinity scarves for $12 each or 2 for $20

Cute novelty HK necklace for $10

Fun Vader rings

Anatomical doberman baseball shirt for $20

And as you hang out around Melrose, walk around and notice the great street art. You don't need a gallery to check out this collection!

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