Sunday, September 30, 2012

Celebrating Love: Michele and Chris

Wedding Watch 2012 continues on. As I earlier posted, my man and I went to the East Coast to attend his college friend's wedding. The trip was memorable as I wouldn't have seen that part of the US had it not been for this event. I had a wonderful time discovering a new area of the country and getting to know where he had grown up.

Now back home, long time friends/loves finally tied the knot at what locals called the "Glass Church." Located in Rancho Palos Verde, we drove all the way up the hills over looking the ocean to this beautiful spot where Michele (a writer and teacher and vintage fashion boutique owner) and Chris (a graphic designer and fellow Beatrock artist) made their vows.

I love how recently, weddings are more so about labors of love, creativity and personalization. It used to be weddings were  all about being flashy and excessive, bigger is everything and this puts couples in huge debt for a celebration that is bigger than the real true message. The money saved can be now towards a honeymoon, a house or just a nice nest egg for them to secured with. 

engagement photos

waiting to make her entrance

handmade felt roses

photobooth bookmarks

handmade number table plaques

mr. and mrs.

clinking our glasses for them to kiss

mark canto and i drawing on our doilies

my bf was working so i brought one of my best friends

Now, michele and chris are part of my reading joy!


She Chef said... have a man now - why am I always the last to know this stuff!

alfie said...

hahha! because i am just talking about it now. haha! =)