Monday, November 28, 2011

Paint brushes to Spatulas

I have been taking a break from painting (sort of) and have been focusing more on planning out series of works. I have about three going on concurrently and I before I pick up the paint brush, I am going to design bookstores, art museums, forums and libraries and gathering research.

I am also focusing on putting together a curriculum and arts program for 2012.

But hiatuses does not mean stopping the creativity. It means refocusing and the creativity goes else where.

It's the holidays and that means for me hanging out with all the people that I love. Almost every three days it's someone's birthday, or anniversary, or a baby is born, or someone accomplished something wonderful. You add the holidays and that means people that are normally far are close and that means the amount of time going out have tripled.

Bombchelle and Miss Wendy at a Persian restaurant.

I wish I had the income where I can spoil my family and friends. But there are so many of them that for this holiday season, I just want to hang out with them. If they don't get something handmade or designed from me then they are going to get something baked or cooked by me.

The day before Thanksgiving, was the Angry Loners Thankstaking Grub Fest. This is a dinner with all my friends whose family is too far to visit or they don't get along with them. Last year, Gino and I cohosted it, since my family was all spread apart and it was a hit! This year, they specifically asked for bacon-wrapped lumpia. Needless to say, everybody finished it (last year, I couldn't even get through the front door. by the time i set the bowl down, only 2 was left. )

My friend also started a cooking club. We exchange and review recipes and also get tips from other friends. It's been so much fun! I decided to try Miranda's chocolate chip cookie recipe. It's a strong contender for being in the Christmas packages this year.

Another strong contender are the double dipped apple donuts. Now these donuts are not all dough; they are slices of apples dipped in milk cinnamon and then dipped in cinnamon, sugar and Panko bread crumbs. So yummy! Tastes like a healthier apple pie. (But I don't know how much more healthier they are since I fry them real quick.

I also finally bought a slow cooker! In Target, they have a 7 quart Hamilton Beach with a fancty design for only $17.88. If I don't like it, I can always give it away.

I LOVE it. I bought a rib eye for $5 for 2 pounds. Chopped up vegetables, added seasoning and broth and red wine and set it over night. By the morning, the meat was so tender you barely chew it! So good. And it was way too much food so I had to give some to friends.

My dad and I made some Asian style ribs and by 8pm, being slow cooked for 8 hours, the meat was so tender it fell off the bone.

I asked most of my friends if they wanted sweet or savory. I will be baking and cooking up a storm and delivering it to them throughout the holidays. Stay posted as I will be updating the blog on my presents.

But I did indulged a bit and bought some Filipino candy and pasteries from a baker in Seattle, Sweet Coconut Bakery . This pastry chef/baker have made her renditions of my favorites; Hazelnut  and Chocolate Chip Polovorones, Pastilles de Leche.

Came to the office today and they were at my desk! Being that they are fresh and organic, I have to eat them soon. My sister and I sampled them to see if I should get them for Christmas presents.

They come already wrapped and ready to be gifted. Each piece is sealed in a clear plastic bag.

I got the chocoloate chunk polvorone (which is basically like a short bread cookie.) DELICIOUS!

I also got the pastilles de leche sampler which has coconut, cashew, vanilla and jackfruit. I love pastilles from the store but its not fresh; it often tastes like wax and who knows how long it has been made since it is shipped from the Philippines.

These were super moist and the sugar coating made it crunchy. Super good!

If you are interested in trying out Hazel's goods, go to or to go straight to the online store. If you add them as a friend in facebook, you can get a 10% off coupon good towards your next purchase.

So here is to a holiday filled with moments of laughter, breaking bread and adventures. You don't have to use wrapping paper to spend time with those you love. 

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