Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday Sale: DnA Creations

The Holidays are coming up and I am formulating a game plan. My friends and family have everything they ever need and for the most part we are aligned with shunning away the idea of consumerism Christmas and trying to envelope and re-embrace the Spirit of Christmas.

But I still love giving gifts.

Folks are either getting something that is either cooked/baked/painted/sculpted by me. If I were to buy anything, it would be of something that is handmade or by a local artisan.

So I am making a list of folks to turn to on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

One message I got this morning is by a wife and husband creative team called DnA Creations. They mainly make work revolving around the Mexican culture, pin-ups and Day of the Dead Memoribilia.

Until I saw the following pictures and I just completely smiled.

Now I love horror flicks; as of late, I have been watching more zombie flicks than any subgenre of the genre. I know numerous couples who would LOVE these cake toppers.

So for all my zombie-lovers, here are zombies in love...

If you are interested in these items or any DnA items, please go to :

From Turkey Day til Monday, enter the code BIGSALE for 25% off your purchase.

Support Indie Businesses!

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